Our Goal

Safety is a Core Value at South Coast Facility Services. Getting our employees home safely every night is our top priority. Although there is an inherent danger in our business, SCFS has developed a culture committed to safety.

"Above all else, it’s getting our employees home safely every night that is of the greatest importance."

— James Reynolds, President

Our Approach

When it comes to safety, SCFS emphasizes communication, responsibility, accountability, safety procedures, training and education. We empower every employee with the responsibility of maintaining safe worksites. Additionally, SCFS continually strives to improve the quality of existing safety programs with weekly safety meetings, job hazard analyses, documentation of risk assessments, and consistent safety training.

"South Coast Facility Services aggressively pursues a safe working environment for our employees. We firmly believe that safety is an indispensable part of the construction process, parallel to production and quality. Our Safety Department at SCFS has developed and implemented policies and procedures designed to increase the safety awareness of everyone connected to our construction projects."

— Aaron Germain, VP Construction