Our commitment to environmental responsibility and leadership is evident in all levels of our company. Every day, on every job, SCFS strives to minimize the environmental impacts of its operations through consistent improvements that address environmental management and performance.


Sustainability is an essential part of our business. Our environmental efforts are administered with fundamental objectives always top of mind. At South Coast Facility Services we believe in investing in our company’s growth and exceeding our customers’ increasing expectations for more sustainable products and services.


As technological advances change the face of construction, South Coast Facility Services is positioned at the forefront of embracing those changes. Integrating building performance with our virtual construction capabilities produces a total resource conservation approach. It’s important to find the best course of action when it comes to sustainability on a project whether that be reusing existing pavement sections as the sub-base for new pavement sections or ensuring that a majority of our off-road equipment is capable of running on biodiesel, reducing fossil fuel consumption.


It is imperative to us at South Coast Facility Services to improve our operational efficiency, by lowering costs and reducing our environmental footprint on our projects operations and throughout our supply chain. It is a priority of ours to be transparent with our clients when it comes to our environmental initiatives.


From concept to completion, our sustainable construction team takes a comprehensive approach to delivering green construction projects. It is a combined effort in incorporating health, wellness and resiliency dimensions to our green construction initiatives. South Coast Facility Services’ sustainable construction team works with clients to determine the best solutions to fulfill their requirements while also minimizing costs and enhancing sustainability goals.