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Our approach.

To develop technology for the next generation, you rely on the technology of today. We understand the strain that modern technology can put on a building, and the demands that need to be met for uninterrupted operation. Moreover, we know how to meet those demands.


The heat generated by technology requires solutions that are thorough and drastic. At South Coast, we can design or retrofit existing systems to keep up with cooling and heating needs.

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The heavy loads of technology demand well-designed and well-maintained electrical systems. Make sure to spot potential issues before a catastrophic failure by scheduling preventive maintenance.

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How we do it.

Thorough evaluations of the customer’s needs provide direction, whether it is designing an entirely new facility from the ground up, retrofitting an existing plant, or setting up preventive maintenance and service schedules. We tailor our plans not to the industry, but to the individual buildings themselves, as one size doesn’t fit all.


From high-purity piping and systems requiring filtration, to modern bathroom fixtures, we maintain and service all plumbing systems.

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The amount of energy utilized in the production of new technology rivals the energy usage of the technology itself – let us audit and optimize your utility usage to reduce overhead costs!

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