Integrated facilities management and planning for pharmaceutical buildings.

Our approach.

As the pharmaceutical industry evolves and intensifies, so do the demands on their facilities. The demands of drug-manufacturing facilities are stringent – factors such as sterility, purity, and millimeter-exact automation all have to be taken into consideration in designing, building, and maintaining these high-tech spaces.


Highly specific temperatures and levels of humidity for pharmaceutical manufacturing means that HVAC systems have to be finely tuned and customizable.

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Precision machinery and high-powered laboratory equipment deserves a reliable system maintained with minimal downtime by our service team.

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How we do it.

By considering your necessary loads for equipment and employees, we can develop a plan for your building using our cutting-edge design capabilities. Through regular preventive maintenance and non-invasive service visits, we can see potential issues before they happen, allowing you to schedule downtime so it does not interfere with important testing or manufacturing.


High-purity piping means that your water supply is protected, and the latest smart-flow fixtures keep your employees and customers comfortable.

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We help to mitigate the heavy utility loads of the pharmaceutical industry through retrofitting, performing energy audits, and working with you on building and system optimization.

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