Caring for those who make caring for others their life’s work.

Our approach.

We design and maintain systems to keep patients as well as health care professionals comfortable, along with providing them the abilities to perform their duties. With modern diagnostics and high expectations, healthcare facilities need a team they can rely on.


From temperature-sensitive equipment to individual patient comfort from room to room, the demands on your climate control system are great. Preventive maintenance and non-interfering service is a must.

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Modern diagnostics place high load demands on electrical systems, meaning it needs to be designed and installed with little tolerances. Emergency systems, such as back-up generators, are also a must – one of South Coast’s specialties.

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How we do it.

From planning and installing an extensive network for diagnostic machines, to emergency power systems, to on-call service, at South Coast we are prepared to tackle your needs. We understand that healthcare applications can have extreme demands, and we are ready to meet them in all aspects of the facility’s needs.


Water and waste disposal are two of the biggest worries for healthcare facilities, but with our plumbing design and maintenance capabilities, we know those worries will be calmed.

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The energy demands of modern healthcare are massive, but our experience with smart building systems and utility-saving technology can help you to trim those costs.

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From an idea to a fully-developed plan, our team is ready to realize your healthcare needs.


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