The Brains Of Your HVAC Solutions

HVAC controls form the brain and nerves of your HVAC system. By monitoring interior conditions and responding to load changes in a coordinated fashion, the controls provide comfort as well as energy efficiency. This helps to make sure that your system is running as efficiently as possible, and it is critical to the operational costs of your building.

How We Do It

Our experienced team has the capabilities to design, service, maintain, and monitor all brands of mechanical control systems. These forward-thinking automation services are adaptable and expandable, and allow customers to future-proof their building by installing a system that allows for multiple product providers or multiple service providers.

Meet The Industry Expert

“Having the right control system in place is the difference between efficiency and overspending.”

– Zoltan Bulgozdi, Chief Executive Officer

System Integration

The days of being stuck with one manufacturer or protocol is in the past. This means that we here at South Coast Facility Systems can free our customers from proprietary systems and integrate them into open protocols moving forward. With the HVAC Control industry making huge strides with technology, we utilize open platforms with application software frameworks to integrate intelligent equipment systems and smart devices. This enables collaboration and communication between the enterprise and edge assets within the system.

Covering A Variety Of Markets

Our control systems are able to serve an extensive variety of markets, ranging from K-12 education and higher education, to industrial and retail spaces. Our controls can be used in highly sensitive applications such as hospitals and assisted living, or in areas where more power is necessary, such as airports, commercial malls and buildings, and pharmaceutical manufacturing. They are also optimized for usage in multi-tenant residential properties.

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