Energy Efficiency Studies

Assessing buildings and complexes to ensure that every bit of energy is being used properly, we can see where there is opportunity for cost savings and performance improvement.

Energy Modeling

We can simulate your building through virtual or computerized programs, focusing on energy consumption, utility bills and life cycle costs of various energy related items. This then allows us to evaluate the return on investment of green energy solutions such as solar panels or high-efficiency appliances.

Central Plant Optimization

The efficiency of your central plant chiller is the key to producing optimal climate control outcomes while complying with energy or environmental mandates. Whether in existing buildings or as part of a new facility, we can evaluate and fine-tune the performance of the unit.

Energy Audits

By inspecting, surveying and analyzing the energy flows of a building, process, or entire system, we can determine how to reduce the amount of energy needed to continue performance without affecting the output.

Building/System Optimization

We evaluate the energy consumption of your building’s devices and systems, developing a blueprint to help them to function together efficiently and with cost-effectiveness in mind. This allows you to reduce energy and maintenance costs while ensuring occupant comfort and maintaining the quality of indoor air.

Fuel Cell Storage

State of the art technology harnesses the radiant light and heat from the sun along with waste heat in order to generate and store energy for your building. These high-tech systems help reduce your energy draw from the grid.


By electing to evaluate and improve existing systems instead of removing and replacing them, we address and resolve problems that occurred during design or construction with minimal impact to the capital improvements budget.

Energy Conservation Measures

We evaluate where you can save energy and suggest opportunities to implement new technology. Everything from LED lighting to the latest sensors and systems, we aim to reduce energy consumption by a noticeable amount.

LEED Certification Compliance

Using the framework provided by the LEED system – Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design – we can revamp you building to meet their stringent standards and qualify for certification. LEED Certification is one of the most highly-regarded symbols of sustainability achievement anywhere in the world.

Water Reclamation

Not all wastewater is truly waste. Water can be reclaimed and reused multiple times, for different purposes depending on the treatments utilized. Don’t just pipe it away, explore the different avenues to reduce your building’s consumption.

System Replacement

In some cases, there is no choice but to conduct a full system replacement, removing an inefficient and ineffective system and installing state-of-the-art hardware and controls.