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Our approach.

Just as in the private sector, the public government sector requires a level of comfort for workers, from the lowest clerk to the governor and higher. Our public buildings should reflect well on our communities, and be welcome to the public and officials alike.


It’s not just the people that need proper climate control – with record-keeping facilities and libraries, there is a need for highly-controlled temperature and humidity.

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Government no longer runs on hard copies – technology is now the leader. Public buildings demand high electrical loads, running everything from security gates to personal computers.

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How we do it.

We utilize our private-sector experience to provide new construction, maintenance, and service capabilities with limited interruption. Our team can evaluate and put into action plans to avoid interfering with government duties and processes.


Facilities must be designed and maintained with the full public in mind. Modern, efficient fixtures and reliable pipes are only the start.

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The government should be a leader in our efforts to reduce environmental impact. From energy audits and building optimization, to energy modeling, to retrofitting mechanical and lighting systems, we can reduce the utilities used in public service.

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