Commercial Complexity

In commercial and industrial buildings, plumbing is a lot more complex than in residential buildings. This means piping joints, valves, and other components may be less accessible. Commercial piping materials also come in a much larger range of materials, thicknesses, and diameters, meaning that commercial plumbers need to be well versed in an extensive range of materials.

How We Do It

It starts with talent, and at South Coast, we hire the best, most experienced plumbers available. In older buildings, plumbers encounter piping that is no longer in use or no longer acceptable under plumbing codes, such as lead pipe. In those situations, the plumber must know how to identify the material and which type of piping to use for replacing it. We hire plumbers who can make this decision quickly. We then provide 24/7 service, so you can contact us around the clock.

Meet The Industry Expert

“Leaks are dangerous, they smell bad, and they really can ruin your day. We want to find that leak fast and fix it so that tenants and clients don’t have to deal with it.”

– Simon Cote, Service Manager

Reducing Impact

In some cases, depending on location, repairing a leak or replacing a pipe may require disrupting normal office activity or interactions between customers and staff. Building owners and facilities managers want the job done as quickly as possible. A leak or plumbing problem may occur near an extremely sensitive area of business operations, such as an inventory storage area, where products cannot be moved and any water damage from a pipe might cause damage – that’s why you need a commercial plumber with the experience to minimize any risk and complete the repair efficiently and safely.

Specialty Systems and More

At South Coast Facility Services, we can tackle a wide range of applications, including specialty services. This can include recycled and reclaimed water systems, laboratory waste, process water and waste, and other services. Commercial buildings we service range from apartment buildings and complexes, to retail and commercial spaces, to industrial applications, hospitals, and other care facilities.

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