Basic Maintenance

The longer you ignore the little problems around your building – the dripping faucets, the leaky pipes, the clogs and back-ups – the worse they will get over time. Instead of waiting them out until you need emergency service, why not perform preventative regular maintenance? Regular maintenance includes drain cleaning, inspecting and maintaining water heater and boilers, checking backflow, and more. 

How We Do It

By setting out a maintenance plan, including a schedule of visits with specific targets for each visit, we can keep track of any potential issues with your plumbing that may need further inspection, or a deeper dive. Our certified plumbers are equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and have years of experience, allowing them to conduct routine maintenance or perform emergency repairs.

Meet The Industry Expert

“Bar none, there is nothing that will make your tenants happier than not having to worry about maintaining plumbing.”

– Simon Cote, Service Manager

Helping You

Maintenance is about more than just preventing an embarrassing emergency repair situation. Proper maintenance of your plumbing system can help to save money and energy in everyday usage. It can also help with tenant retention, as a tenant who doesn’t have to deal with constant aggravation from plumbing issues will be happier living or working in your building.

Silent Leaks

Sometimes it’s easy to notice leaks – the giant puddle on the floor, for instance. Not all leaks are so obvious though. Silent leaks are called that because they are near-impossible to notice, unless you have a reliable maintenance plumber visiting regularly. We know how to detect if these leaks are occurring, and how to track down just where they are. They could be under the floors or in the walls – you won’t see them, but we will.

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