A Cost-Effective Alternative

HVAC systems age and lose efficiency, even if you have thoroughly maintained it through the years. Parts wear and deteriorate, cracks begin to appear, and your tenants and renters may begin to notice problems. A retro-fit, the full replacement of an HVAC system and equipment on an existing commercial building, requires superior skill and experience to ensure the proper new equipment in installed in conjunction with existing system components.

How We Do It

Thanks to experience across a range of HVAC product lines and materials, our team can help you start from the top. We evaluate the components of your existing system that are still in good working order, such as your duct work, curbing and controls, and investigate what needs to be replaced. By providing a list of what will provide the best return on investment, we can help you decide what the best avenue is. Our experienced team can estimate time and cost, and give you an idea of any service or tenant interruption that it may cause.

Meet The Industry Expert

“When our customers find out they can possibly reduce their energy consumption by anywhere from twenty-five to forty percent just by upgrading their existing system, it’s good to see the relief they get.”

– Aaron Germain, VP Construction

The Best Candidates

Certain HVAC systems and situations are better suited for replacing your existing system. Sometimes it makes sense to go back with the same brand, just a newer model…especially for rooftop package units. In other cases, it can be advantageous to completely change what is currently in place to achieve updated facility needs.

More Than Just Energy Savings

Retro-fitting can do more than just save energy. With older R-22 refrigerant being completely phased out, in some cases older systems almost have to be replaced in order to repair broken components.

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