Creating The Right Path

The duct work in your HVAC system is like the veins and arteries in your body, with the central unit being your heart. With your veins, if they are too big or too small, it doesn’t matter how well the heart works, the blood won’t flow like it should. The same goes for your duct work – having the correct duct work, having it cleaned and in good shape, allows your HVAC system to perform as expected.

How We Do It

We recognize the needs of each particular building, and what different uses require. Our team will survey the building, evaluate the capacity of the controls in place, and discuss with you, the building owner or facilities manager, what your goal or intent is. From there, we can plan out the duct work, evaluate the size of the ducting to be used, and what paths to take. By carefully planning out our progress, we can provide an optimized, efficient network of ducts to avoid any of the usual problems that can arise.

Meet The Industry Expert

“Good duct work means good air flow. There’s no point in installing a great system with poor duct work.”

– Aaron Germain, VP Construction

Right-Sizing Your Duct Work

Properly sized duct work is critical to the efficiency and comfort of your building. Duct work that is too big or too small can cause issues due to restricted air flow. Poor air flow can lead to decreased energy efficiency and increased utility bills. It can cause issues with regulating temperature in different parts of the building, and can even contribute to frequent breakdowns. Poor design can lead to higher levels of contaminants in the air or unbalanced air pressure.

Cleaning & Maintenance Of Duct Work

Beyond designing and installing your duct work, here at South Coast Facility Services we also can clean and repair your duct system. Mold and contaminants can collect in your duct work and be blown throughout your facility. This can cause or exasperate allergies and illnesses, leading to lost time and unhappy tenants or customers.

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