All Under One Roof

Design-build commercial HVAC construction projects utilize a single manager or management firm throughout the course of the project. From initial design through the entire construction process, South Coast is responsible for everything. This allows for a streamlined process that expedites the project, while also providing you the customer with rock solid construction plans.

How We Do It

By having a variety of professionals under one roof, including complete teams of engineering and construction experts, we can tackle the most demanding projects. Our engineering team will work with you to identify your objectives, manage contractual details, and evaluate options to maximize efficiency, sustainability, and cost. The construction team works with both you and the engineering team to iron out any process or materials issues well before construction is started, eliminating potential downtime. Finally, our team of technicians comes together to complete your project and deliver it, on schedule and on budget.

Meet The Industry Expert

“When you get to work on the entire project, from the first design to the final build, it’s interesting to see how everything comes together. It lets us deliver a finished project quickly and reliably.”

– Aaron Germain, VP Construction

The Value Of Design-Build Engineering

Working on the design-build basis provides plenty of advantages for the building or project owner. It provides a single point of accountability, eliminating potential disputes between the design professional and the contractor. It simplifies communication, allowing for better engineering, a faster project delivery, and a more reliable mechanical system. The project is a unified system as a whole, allowing for early starts on construction and early procurement of critical materials.

Markets And Capabilities

Letting us perform in the design-build capacity allows us to demonstrate our full capabilities. We can help develop sustainable, efficient solutions to reduce energy usage and utility bills, and reduce emissions. From elementary schools and universities, to hospitals and pharmaceutical plants, to heavy industrial and commercial use, we will mold the system to your needs.

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