A Future For Clean Energy

Cleaner, smarter, cheaper – solar energy is a smart investment for the future of your building. With the costs of implementing solar energy continuing to decrease, the return on investment with solar projects is becoming greater and greater. At South Coast, we are capable of designing and building an electrical system that includes solar power to energize your building.

How We Do It

With years of knowledge and plenty of experience with solar projects, we can determine if one is suitable for your application, and how to find the best fit. We will analyze your energy usage and building needs, map out a plan for solar panels and the various system necessary, and provide a quote and time frame for the system to be implemented. With our lengthy history, we can provide these with high levels of certainty.

Meet The Industry Expert

“Cleaner, greener energy is the way of the future. And there’s plenty of sun here in Southern California, why not make use of it?”

– Jeremy Ritter, VP South Coast Electrical

Predictability and Sustainability

It’s capitalism with a conscious – solar power allows you to have lower yearly power costs that are predictable. On top of that, it can help your business or company reach sustainability goals, lessening your impact on the local climate. Depending on the building you have, you could even install enough solar capacity to sell back to the grid, particularly if you are the building owner or facilities manager of a large commercial warehouse or industrial building. With that much roof space, there is plenty of room for panels and equipment!

Service & More

We don’t just design and install solar power systems for commercial uses, we also provide service and maintenance for them as well. Our team is on call, every day of the year to meet your emergency repair needs. Our team will also put together a comprehensive maintenance program so that your solar system runs at peak efficiency throughout the year.

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Reach out to our team here at South Coast Facility Services to see what we can do to address your solar power needs.

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