Laying the Pipes

Installation is when it all begins, and it’s when you can start to head off any future problems. Many maintenance issues and repairs down the line can be traced back to poor installation and poor workmanship at the beginning of the project. Here at South Coast, we want to get you off to a good start. Our team can map out and provide specifications for your installation project, whether it is a new construction project or re-piping in an existing facility.

How We Do It

At South Coast, we hire the most qualified plumbers in the field. Our team is made up of professionals with extensive training and experience across a variety of materials. We will come out and evaluate your needs, using your specifications and our recommendations to put together a value-minded price quote and a realistic schedule of completion. Our team has an excellent reputation of completing on time and on budget.

Meet The Industry Expert

“Commercial plumbing is much more extensive and complex than residential plumbing, so you can’t have just any plumber handle larger buildings and apartment complexes.”

– Aaron Germain, VP Construction

Modern Systems

Whether you are installing a brand new system in a standing building or working from the ground up, at South Coast we will help you to make sure that the plumbing system that is being installed is a state-of-the-art system. We know how to work with older systems and upgrade them, using the latest facilities technology including automatic sensor faucets, waterless or low-flow urinals, and toilet flushometers. This will help to reduce water consumption and lower utility bills for your building.

Re-Piping and More!

Not every plumbing installation project is new construction. Re-piping can be just as complex, if not more complex, than running brand new systems. With re-piping, plumbing needs to be replaced and updated without disturbing other systems already in place. The process is a little more delicate and complex, but it’s something that our team at South Coast is experts at.

Let’s Talk!

Reach out to our team here at South Coast Facility Services to see what we can do to address your plumbing installation needs.

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