The Necessities of Climate Control

The nitty gritty of your building’s HVAC and mechanical system, the piping is something that is not often noticed but is absolutely necessary. Duct work, control units – that’s what everyone sees. But it’s the piping that helps to circulate the fluids and refrigerants necessary to heat and cool the system. You can’t skimp on piping and expect your system to perform up to par. Piping will be needed to carry products and byproducts of your HVAC system, including steam, chilled water, and hot water.

How We Do It

Our team of estimators and experienced technicians and pipefitters work together to find out what the demands of your system are, and how best to meet them. This includes evaluating the flow rates needed, where the fluids need to flow, and any obstacles that could be an issue. We provide a well-researched, thorough estimate of cost, along with an estimate of the time needed for the project.

Meet The Industry Expert

“It’s not glamorous, but having top-notch piping laid out properly is the key to getting your climate control system to work well.”

– Aaron Germain, VP Construction

General Piping and Piping Fabrication

Here at South Coast Facility Services, not only can we use off-the-shelf piping in your mechanical needs, we can also fabricate any necessary piping that you can’t find. This ability to custom-manufacture piping allows us to meet complex specifications and demands that other companies can’t deal with.

High Purity Piping

In applications such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, and semi-conductor industries, as well as in hospitals and other health care facilities, you need to go a step above the usual piping. High-purity piping is corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant, built to retain the purity of the fluid in a hermetically sealed system. At South Coast Facility Services, know the care that is needed when working with high-purity piping, and are experienced in building high-purity systems.

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