Do It Right From the Start

At South Coast Mechanical, we believe in making sure your HVAC is ready to go from day one. This means having the know-how to manage the most demanding new construction and installation projects.  You can expect careful planning, real-time estimates, complete project management, cost efficiency, and critical quality assurance measures from our team. New construction projects are from the bottom up, where we take plans developed by your design team and install the new mechanical systems for your building.

How We Do It

We bring a complete team of engineering and construction experts to the table. Using computerized estimating, our project managers can plan and estimate to meet scheduling, cost, and quality assurance goals. Throughout the project, our usage of project management software highlights and tracks critical path scheduling to complete the construction process from start to finish. We can evaluate design options and materials options, and consider any human factors or risks that may play into your new construction.

Meet The Industry Expert

“Building an HVAC system from the ground up lets us make sure that everything is done right the first time.”

– Aaron Germain, VP Construction

Thorough Testing and Perfecting

New construction doesn’t just mean dropping in what your designer has asked for and calling it a day. At South Coast Facility Services, we test and perfect every mechanical system we put in place. This means doing environmental testing and air balancing. It means suggesting a long-term structured preventive maintenance program. It means making sure everything is functioning properly before signing off and delivering the work to you and your team.

Benefits of Working with South Coast

Our team works to provide you with the best mechanical systems, and we bring plenty of advantages to the table. Our skilled labor force was installed mechanical systems in new construction ranging from industrial facilities to hospitals, apartment complexes to commercial and retail spaces.

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Reach out to our team here at South Coast Facility Services to see what we can do to address your new construction needs.

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