Finding Your Energy Loss

Thermal imaging is the idea of using component temperatures to identify where there may be issues in your electrical systems. You can’t spot some abnormal running temperatures with a naked eye, so we use state-of-the-art thermo graphic imaging devices to detect unforeseen electrical and mechanical temperature differentials.

How We Do It

We take those images and compare them to the IEEE/ANSI temperature standard corresponding to the measured load on the component.  When an area or a component with an abnormal temperature is noted, digital images called thermo grams are recorded from the image displayed on the monitor.  We then analyze them and, along with conventional photographs, compile them into a complete report so that problem areas can be monitored by operating personnel to prevent serious equipment malfunctions.

Meet The Industry Expert

“Not everyone realizes the impact of energy loss. It’s great to think that, with thermal imaging, we’re not only reducing the cost of utilities for the customer, but we can also have a positive environmental impact.”

– Jeremy Ritter, VP South Coast Electrical

Non-Invasive Inspection

One of the best features of thermal imaging is that it is non-invasive, and non-interruptive. Electricity does not need to be turned off, systems do not need to be brought down. Your tenants will be able to continue their normal day unimpeded while the testing is performed.

Perfect For Predictive Maintenance

Since thermal imaging results are tracked over time, they are great for putting together maintenance strategies for a variety of electrical components. Motor control centers, motors, pumps, fans, compressors, connections, transformers, and industrial gearboxes are all great candidates for using thermal imaging as part of a diagnostic program.

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