Don't Be Shocked

Even with regular maintenance, service issues can arise. It can be something as simple as a faulty outlet in an important area. It can be something as complex as a complete utility outage due to an issue with your central electrical plant. No matter what is at the heart of the problem, you need a team that can respond quickly and solve your problem.

How We Do It

Our team is standing by, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ready to respond when service is required. Whether it is an immediate, urgent service call or one that can wait for a little bit, our team will organize a response and send out our experienced, reliable electricians to diagnose and repair your issue.

Meet The Industry Expert

“Losing electricity can bring people to a halt. Our job is to make sure the client gets powered back up and it doesn’t really impact their business.”

– Jeremy Ritter, VP South Coast Electrical

Service With Safety In Mind

Providing electrical service isn’t just about keeping a business up and running or a building’s lights on – it’s about keeping you, your tenants, and your customers safe. When your fire alarms, smoke detectors and security systems are dependent on electricity to function properly, you need a company that will make your building safe again.

Not Just For Emergencies

Providing electrical service isn’t just about responding to emergencies. We also perform an extensive variety of planned electrical services, such as installing or updating exterior lighting and motion sensors, remodeling, and implementing energy-savings solutions into your existing system. We can even take care of parking lot lighting and repair to reduce fender benders and improve safety at night.

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Reach out to our team here at South Coast Facility Services to see what we can do to address your electrical service needs.

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