Right From The Start

There’s no reason to not do it right from the start. When you have new construction, you want the electrical systems to be top-notch, to make sense, and to meet all of the specs and regulations. You want a system to be put in place that requires minimal effort in the upcoming years to maintain. Here at South Coast Facility Services, we believe that you deserve to have it done right, the first time.

How We Do It

Our project management team will inspect your building plans and diagram an electrical system to meet the needs of your building and tenants. Once we have a plan in place, we can properly quote and schedule the work, providing a time table that you can depend on. Our full team of skilled commercial electricians will then go to work, providing your lighting, wiring, and other power needs for your project.

Meet The Industry Expert

“No building can get by without an electrical system, and it’s only going to be worse in the future. Our electrical systems are wired with that future in mind.”

– Mike Melvin, Construction Manager, South Coast Electrical

Common New Applications and Markets

New construction can mean lots of things – it could be wiring a power center in a new hospital, wiring the lighting for a new pharmaceutical production building, or simply wiring up the maintenance shack you’re installing as an outbuilding. Big or small, our team can tackle a wide variety of applications and markets. This includes multi-tenant apartment complexes, commercial and retail spaces, and light and heavy industry.

Service & Maintenance

Our electrical systems in new construction are designed with future maintenance and repairs in mind. This means we will make them as accessible and easy to repair as possible. We know that our work is top notch, but we also know that part of having a solid electrical system is making sure it can be maintained and serviced easily. We can supply maintenance programs or servicing as needed, both on our new construction projects as well as those started by other companies.

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Reach out to our team here at South Coast Facility Services to see what we can do to address your electrical new construction needs.

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